Agile and Accessible Construction Management SERVICES

Burgh Construction is a premier Construction Management company serving clients throughout the Southeast. We’ve taken hundreds of projects from pre-construction to ribbon cutting, and our experienced team works tirelessly to ensure these projects come in on time, and on budget. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve proven ourselves to be a reliable partner for a wide range of project sizes and scopes.

We offer a full suite of design-build and construction management services to our clients, saving them valuable time and money. Our team of experts will guide your team through each stage of the project lifecycle by offering industry leading pre-construction, construction, design, and owner representation services. There’s no need to risk your project in the hands of inexperienced General Contractors, or struggle to fit an inflexible management company to your project’s needs. Our light-weight team of management experts will ensure your project receives the personalized attention that will make it successful.

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Peace of Mind for Your Project Turn-key Commercial Services

Burgh Construction offers a wide range of Construction Managment and Design-Build services, giving you the peace of mind that your project will be handled professionally and efficiently. 

Pre-Construction Services

At Burgh Construction, we know that starting your project on the right foot is crucial for meeting your deadlines and budget restrictions. Because of this, we offer a wide range of critical Pre-Construction services including, site analysis, conceptual budgeting, value engineering, preliminary drawing review, and more.

Construction Services

As your construction management partner, Burgh Construction will handle key aspects of your project, making aggressive schedules possible to meet. Our experts manage contracting partners, source custom fabricators, and manage scheduling and sourcing for custom fabricators and materials.

Design Specialists

Our Design-Build structure allows for a seamless transition from the design phase to construction. Our in-house architectural design team will collaborate with designers to create construction-ready engineering and shop drawings, which reduces project friction, and thus, cost.

Owner Representation

At Burgh Construction, we operate as an extension of the Owner’s staff for every project we complete. Our experts will advise on site selection, lease review, permit drawings, code reviews, purchasing, and quality control. By representing the owner’s interests only, we can ensure the quality they expect.

Relationships You Can Build On our partners & suppliers

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