Owner Representation

At Burgh Construction, we operate as an extension of the Owner’s staff for every project we complete. Our experts will advise on site selection, lease review, permit drawings, code reviews, purchasing, and quality control. By representing the owner’s interests only, we can ensure the quality they expect.

Guidance for your project

To ensure project success, it is crucial to surround yourself with partners and vendors who have your project's best interest in mind. When we work as a construction management partner for our clients, we act as a set of eyes and ears for the owner, verifying that all processes are exceeding quality expectations without exceeding deadlines. 

Our management team works alongside our clients providing guidance and assurances that the hiring, sourcing, design, and build-methods are optimal for the given guidelines. We're there every step of the way to help our clients' projects reach the finish line. 


Site Selection

Our analysts will provide insights into potential build-sites, allowing our partners to make informed decisions, and reduce second-guessing. 


Utilizing our network of vendor partners, we will identify the highest quality materials at the best price while managing the logistics to ensure timely delivery. 

Quality Control

By performing quality control checks at key stages of the pre-construction and construction process we're able to head off potential issues before they impact deadlines or cost.

Project Managment

Our team of project management experts will aid in scheduling, collaborating, and organizing materials and labor to create an efficient worksite.