Construction Services

As your construction management partner, Burgh Construction will handle key aspects of your project, making aggressive schedules possible to meet. Our experts manage contracting partners, source custom fabricators, and manage scheduling and sourcing for custom fabricators and materials.


At Burgh Construction, our services during the construction phase of our partners' projects revolve around removing the uncertainty and doubt. Our direct-build services fully integrate from design and pre-construction into the construction and development phase. By reducing the friction between each phase of your project, we're able to mitigate and eliminate costly issues.

By ensuring continuity in contracting, sourcing, and scheduling, we're able to resolve common issues quickly, saving owners time and money. 


General / Sub Contracting

Our management experts will vet, process, hire, and manage all general and subcontractors necessary to ensure the project runs smoothly. 

Material Sourcing

Our sourcing experts will identify, price, and procure the project materials, and coordinate with logistics on the timely delivery.

Specialized Crews

With hundreds of projects completed throughout the Southeast, our team has experience sourcing specialized crews to meet your project's needs. 

Scheduling / Coordinating

Our team will also alleviate coordination concerns by scheduling crews, materials, and contractors to allow for optimal completion times.